Vaportec is a leading VCI coating supplier in Johannesburg. Vapour corrosion inhibitors (VCIs) are corrosion-prevention substances applied to metallic surfaces, frequently in difficult-to-reach areas, confined spaces, or within a container. Using VCI coatings ensures the compounds remain in place for long-term corrosion prevention.

We offer VCI coating to be applied by brush, spraying, wiping, or dipping for self-healing long and short-term protection. As VCI coating suppliers in Johannesburg, we offer the following products:

• V.8545 solvent-based VCI coating

• V.8549 wax-based VCI coating

• V.8582 for rubber or plastic protection

• V.8583 resin-based VCI coating

• V.8595 rubber coating

• V.8603 bitumen based VCI coating

• V.8604 wax/asphalt-based VCI coating

• V.8605 wax-based VCI coating

• V.8606 soft wax/oil-based VCI coating

• V.8695 wire rope dressing

• V.8737 heavy-duty wire rope dressing

V.8545 Solvent based Complete coating range offering both long and short term protection. Self healing. Applied by brush, spraying, wiping or dipping.          
V.8549 Wax based
V.8582 Rubber/plastic protection
V.8583 Resin based
V.8595 Rubber coating
V.8603 Bitumen based
V.8604 Wax/asphalt based
V.8605 Wax based
V.8606 Soft wax/oil based
V.8695 Wire rope dressing
V.8737 Heavy duty wire rope dressing