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Welcome to Vaportec

A Division of Synthachem Technical Services(Pty)Ltd

Welcome to Vaportec, a division of Synthachem Technical Services (Pty) Ltd.

Vaportec has developed cost-effective anti-corrosion and preservation treatment programs to protect equipment and spare parts during storage, transportation, standby, and usage. Our client service-oriented task force of chemical engineers, corrosion experts, system specialists, and services personnel ensures the correct and efficient implementation of preservation programmes.

Vaportec has developed labour, time and cost effective preservation methods, with the following benefits for protected equipment:

Increased availability

Reduced maintenance

Prolonged service life

Reduced product support costs

Decreased capital expenditure

Improved mission success

System integrity enhancement

Increased return on investment

Increased safety

How VAPORTEC VCI's work:


Vapour corrosion inhibitors (VCIs) are similar to organic adsorption-type inhibitors and possess a high vapour pressure. As a result, these vapour corrosion inhibitors can be used to inhibit atmospheric corrosion of metals. A concentration of vapour corrosion inhibitor is placed in the vicinity of the metal to be protected.

The vapour corrosion inhibitor sublimes, changing from a solid phase to a gaseous phase without becoming a liquid. The gaseous molecules of the vapour corrosion inhibitor concentrate near the metal surface. These gaseous molecules then adsorb onto the metal surface, forming a monomolecular layer of corrosion protection.

For a compound to be classified as a vapour corrosion inhibitor, it must possess two basic properties:

It must be volatile.

The vapour alone must be able to retard the corrosion rate.

Vapour corrosion inhibitors are specific in terms of the type of the metal or alloy, environmental conditions, temperature, and concentration. It is essential to always use vapour corrosion inhibitors in excess as, in some cases, too little inhibitor can cause accelerated corrosion. Vapour corrosion inhibitors are available in several different forms and are designed to meet specific applications.

Vaportec’s vapour corrosion inhibitors are blends of unique compounds having differential vapour pressures. This ensures quick and long-lasting passivation of all metals.